Friday, November 17, 2006

We Owe Rush Limbaugh Our Thanks

In the interest of fairness I think it's incumbent on us all to recognize the debt of gratitude we all owe Rush Limbaugh for his efforts on behalf of the Democratic Party in the recent Elections. Without the Missouri Senate seat we wouldn't have gotten a majority in that chamber, and as close as it was I don't think we would have gotten that seat without Limbaugh's mockery of Michael J. Fox.

With that debt weighing heavily upon me this morning I dedicated literally minutes to developing a fitting expression of our gratitude, and I invite one and all to join my efforts. First, we have a standard greeting card with an appropriately patriotic motif...

On the inside, again entirely appropriately (I think)...

This lovely item is available from Cafe Press. [In the interest of full disclosure let it be known I stand to make the magnificent sum of almost twenty (20) cents per card!]

Also available is a Postcard featuring the picture of Rush (which will be a lot more fun for Postal employees).

After purchasing a scad of either (or both), what, you might ask, should I do with them?? Send them to Rush, of course. His official mailing address seems to be:

Rush Limbaugh
EIB Network, 17th Floor
2 Penn Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10121

A bit of wandering around the internets (specifically The Smoking Gun) indicates that Rush gives his home address as:

Rush Limbaugh
1495 North Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, Fl 33480

When should you send them?? Regularly and often. It's possible that if he (and his staff) get enough of them, spread over a sufficient period, his head will explode.

Incidentally, Rush's birthday is January 12, and wouldn't a postcard glued inside a standard birthday card be lovely??