Saturday, September 24, 2005

Al Gore, Right Man, Right Time

For anybody except the very wealthiest among us, the Bush Administration, coupled with the Republican control of Congress, has been an unmitigated and ongoing disaster. Repairing the damage will be a daunting task.

Just reversing the damage done so far to the Environmental Protection Agency and environmental regulation throughout the Federal gov't would be a BIG job for any Administration. Much of this damage has passed below the radar of the People and the media, but it extends to every activity the gov't is involved in, and will, if not reversed, continue to damage the environment for decades at the precise time we need, desperately, to be reversing previous damage.

Our military is near tatters, we have been eating the seed corn for over a year. We have actually deployed the OpFor tankers, world-class specialists in portraying the tactics used by ANY potential adversary and largely responsible for our having the finest Armor force on the planet, pre-BushWar. We have lost NCOs in Iraq in disproportionate numbers, and more who won't re-up when they KNOW it means two more tours in Iraq. The attempt to shove through the corrupt tanker lease deal, which involved a LOT more people than a procurement officer who wanted a cushy job with Boeing, has delayed by several years the effort to update our in-flight refueling capability. (Somebody should really look close at who all supported that travesty, and why) This same shit goes on throughout Defense.

The Federal budget deficit alone would be a HUGE headache for ANY Administration to deal with.

You can look at literally any aspect of our Federal gov't, from the National Park Service to FEMA, and each individual activity is nearing or experiencing a Bush-induced crisis. Fixing two or three of these would be a daunting task for any competent Administration. Effectively addressing anything approaching ALL of them at the same time will require a focussed leader who will compromise when he can and put his foot down when he has to, and is smart enough to know which is which.

That's Al Gore.

The ideal would be a Gore/Clark Administration, with Clark assigned primarily to the recovery of our Army, which we might just need sometime.

Edwards as Attorney General, RFK Jr. at Interior, Bill Clinton at State, Jon Stewart as Press Secretary, John Kerry at SecDef...