Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Kerry's Ten Commandments

John Kerry has my vote. What choice do I have? Seriously. This is the Klingon's Choice - die quickly or die slowly.

But if John Kerry wants my support, if he wants to win a bijillion votes and set this country on fire and send the current administration of thugs packing, here's what he needs to do and say:

1. Anyone from the current adminstration found to have condoned, authorized, or participated in the violation of any domestic or international law, all the way up to and including the current president, shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

2. This nation's treasure and resources - material, intellectual, and spiritual - shall be devoted to finding alternative sources of energy that will end, once and for all, our dependence on foreign powers. No stone shall remain unturned in this quest for the future of our nation.

3. A military draft shall only be instituted in times of immediate domestic peril from an overwhelming foreign power.

4. Our military shall receive the support it needs to accomplish its mission. Its mission shall not require of it the invasion of countries that do not pose a domestic threat to America, and it shall no longer be required to pursue messianic goals of world domination or to protect the illegal activities of American corporations - those who sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind.

5. The Patriot Act and all its provisions shall be repealed. In its place shall be a domestic law enforcement act designed to truly protect America from terrorism without violating the Bill of Rights. Such provisions will not be enacted without full Federal funding.

6. Public funding of political campaigns shall become the law of the land.

7. Those most able to pay taxes shall pay the burden of those least able. Any individual or corporation that moves offshore to avoid paying their fair share of taxes shall be required to relinquish citizenship in this country.

8. Adequate health care and a living wage shall be defined as basic human rights.

9. Transparency of government shall be restored and expanded.

10. I shall prepare this nation for global climate change by setting aside during these years of plenty for the lean years to come.
Uncommon Sense

I can't improve it, merely pass it along...

Sunday, June 27, 2004

The October Surprise

I've been trying to puzzle out whether a staged terrorist attack in Mid-October would have a predictable political effect on the American electorate, and have decided it probably would not. It could break either way, folks might conclude that it's too dangerous to change teams, or they might decide that the failure was Bush*'s.

I think a staged thwarting of a 9/11-level attack much more likely. It would need to be spectacular, and fatal for all the "terrorists", and a little blood is always good for the cameras...

Try this on for size: A Liquified Petroleum or Propane tanker, hijacked by terriers and attempting to attack San Francisco, blown up well out in the harbor. There would be a huge photogenic explosion, probably the loss of several adjacent/nearby ships, with crews, and very possibly damage/casualties on shore, but it would be obvious that it would have been far worse had the terriers "succeeded" in crashing into the waterfront. The sacrifice of the Golden Gate Bridge might even be profitable. The loss of a SEAL team would give Bush* a "Hero Funeral" to officiate at just before the Election...

This seems to me to be far more predictable politically than the "small nuke in New Orleans"-type scenarios I have seen postulated various places, demonstrating vigilance and resolve on the Chimp's part. If the legend included the Patriot Act playing a ket role in "breaking the case", and maybe key information coming out of "interrogation" at Gitmo, it might well sweep Bush* to election and silence criticism of the more odious aspects of this Misadministration.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Upon Further Thought
they wouldn't even need fake hijackers. One planted Gitmo "detainee" suddenly giving information on a tanker off Lloyd's List, or even a translator claiming one did, would give enough excuse to dispatch a SEAL Team.

If dead heroes (so Bush* could preside over a funeral) are needed the hard decision could be made just before the Seals got there that the risk was too great, and a couple missiles put into the tanker. Sure as hell the crew won't be proclaiming their innocence, and with Smirky safely out of the way in Crawford Cheney could give all the orders.