Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Sure Am Glad This Ain't a Quagmire

June 16, 2004

GHAZI Talabani, the security chief for Iraq's oil fields around the northern city of Kirkuk, was assassinated today outside his home, Iraqi police said.

2:23pm (UK)
Pipeline Blast Cuts Iraq's Southern Oil Exports

Two explosions damaged oil pipelines in southern Iraq, cutting oil exports from the region by half.


KIRKUK, Iraq (Reuters) - An explosion ripped through a crude oil pipeline linking northern Iraqi fields on Tuesday, a North Oil company official said.
"It was probably sabotage," said the official, who asked not to be named.


BAGHDAD (AFP) - Marines arrested six members of the Iraqi Civil Defence Corp on suspicion of involvement in a roadside bomb attack in western Iraq (news - web sites) that wounded five locals, the US military revealed.


We know this ain't a quagmire, Boy George said so. I'm scared to ask what a quagmire looks like...


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