Thursday, June 17, 2004


Finally, the cavalry is on the way!!

A contingent of Tongan soldiers is heading to the Middle East to join American forces in Iraq.

The 44 Tongan troops will travel to Kuwait first, and after acclimatising will then join the First US Marine Division.

Their exact role hasn't been determined, but at first it is likely they will be confined to camp duties and training.

The Tongan Government says the Kingdom's contribution to the effort to bring peace and stability to Iraq is relative to what the country can afford.

The Tongans are expecting to stay in Iraq for six months

Tonga deploys soldiers to Iraq

So shut the hell up about the "Coalition of the Willing" being a fiction...

And that "Quagmire" talk too. If it was really a quagmire would we be getting such massive (sorry) outpourings of International support??

I wonder what the hell the Tongan Army does.


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