Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Prisoners Sacrifice Selves for Their Wild Brethren

"In a stunning display of solidarity, captive dogs in Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho have been eating poison baits intended for wolves. At least 8 dogs have martyred themselves and 13 have been sickened..."

Well, maybe that ain't exactly what it says here...

I have seen these amateur "control" schemes, most recently here when some budding Einstein decided to get rid of some beavers. Apparently somebody suggested Albert use Rotenone, liberally. Stuff makes beaver's coats shiny so they get laid more, but kills more or less everything else. Got a perfectly lovely lowland creek running beside 25 acres of beaver ponds, sterile for a mile and a half. No fish. No minnows. The turtles got out of the water to die in the woods. No frogs. No bugs. No crawfish.

Same thing happened about 4 years ago a couple of miles away in the same (Beech River) drainage. That area was subject to flooding about six months after being poisoned, and returned to "normal" within a year. Arms Creek, the one recently poisoned, is much less subject to flooding, and will probably recover slower.

If I ever catch Albert I hope he's thirsty...


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