Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Rank-heavy casualties

The list of dead from Iraq is far too large to look at in it's entirety, it's easier to see when it's broken down into digestible pieces. While perusing a State-by-State list:

War Casualties

I noticed an amazing thing. The casualty list from any State not home to multiple Major Army Commands is VERY rank-heavy. Tennessee has lost 18 killed, 3 of whom were not NCOs, Warrant Officers or Commissioned Officers.

An impossible number. So I checked Arkansas, to my West.

11 dead, 4 lower Enlisted.

Mississippi, to the South??

13 dead, 6 lower Enlisted.

East of me North Carolina, home to Fort Bragg, the guys most often at the shitty end of the stick:

19 dead, 6 below NCO.

To the North, Kentucky, home to Forts Campbell and Knox, Air Assault and Armor Centers.

10 dead, 1 below NCO.

How can this be, and how can it be sustained?? I assume it at least partially reflects the heavy use of National Guard and Reserve troops, but Christ on a Cracker!!

How long can the Army trade E-7s with 20 years for newly-minted E-5s with 3?? Having quit as a Staff Sergeant the mortality rate there just leapt out at me...


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