Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Now I Know How Alice Felt...

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Interior Department has blocked the Army from hiring new civilian interrogators in Iraq while it investigates whether a past contract was awarded properly, a department spokesman said Tuesday.
At least one civilian interrogator working under that contract has been accused of taking part in abusing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison outside Baghdad.

The Army hired interrogators from CACI International Inc. starting last August through a "blanket purchase agreement" overseen by the Interior Department. That agreement was to provide information technology services, said Interior spokesman Frank Quimby.

Interior Department Suspends Contracts for Iraq Interrogators Amid Probe

ASHLAND, ORE. – Leaky lodge roofs. Potholed roads. Beaches closed for lack of a lifeguard. Not enough rangers in their Smokey Bear hats teaching kids about flora and fauna.
It's not a picture Americans want to imagine for their national parks - the "crown jewels" often likened to European cathedrals.

But as the nation approaches the year's first holiday weekend when families head for the mountains, seashore, and battlefield monuments, there's a groundswell of concern (bordering on revolt) among current and retired US Park Service employees over the condition of national parks.

Despite the efforts and rhetoric of Interior Secretary Gale Norton and Park Service Director Fran Miainella, the backlog of much-needed park maintenance continues to grow, these employees say.

National Parks fast falling into disrepair

I know there's gotta be a backdoor to this rabbit hole somewhere...


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